Getting Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

When you suffer with problems with sinuses, you will find that in some cases, endoscopic sinus surgery may be your last viable option. But, what is sinus surgery? What should you expect when the sinus cure treatment you’ve been working so hard on fails you? Well, there are a handful of things that you’ll want to know before undergoing surgery, however, your surgeon should inform you of all risks and the potential benefits that you stand to gain from it.

Well, while you can’t truly get rid of sinuses, with endoscopic sinus surgery, your surgeon will examine the interior of your nose and the openings to the paranasal sinuses. Once the surgeon has done this, he or she will begin to remove any obstructive tissue that may be causing your chronic sinusitis or sinus problems.

After sinus surgery, it is the hope that you’ll no longer suffer from constantly recurring sinus infections and it should improve your overall quality of life. While this surgery is fairly simple and in most cases will leave no external scars, you will of course have a tiny bit of swelling and mild discomfort after surgery. But, along with the good, may come the bad. Some of the complications that you may face are bleeding, bruising, scarring, and possible infection.

Some of the more rare complications of endoscopic sinus surgery are intracranial entry and spinal fluid leaks, meningitis, and ethmoid sinuses, loss of vision, or double vision. However, with that said, this isn’t a common occurrence and this surgery is extremely routine and can be safely performed by professionals. If you ever have any concerns about this surgical procedure, you should never feel as though you cannot express them to your surgeon. In fact, they welcome your questions and will help you to understand why this surgery may be the best course of action for you in preventing chronic problems with sinusitis or other sinus related diseases.

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