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Treatment of sinus infection

Saturday 27 September 2008 @ 3:39 am

Sinus infection affects 37 million Americans each year and is one of the major diseases in the world. Acute sinusitis may be cured by the help of antibiotics which controls bacterial infections. There are some natural treatments for sinus like patient should drink hot liquids and should irrigate his senses. Pain killer medicines are also affective to reduce the pain caused by the inflammation. Some doctors also prescribe the use of the decongestants which helps in the unblocking of the nasal passage. If a patient is suffering from allergy then he should take some medicines to cure that allergy. Some cases of acute sinusitis also ends on their own but if it is persistent than a prescribed medical help is necessary. Nasal steroid spray also reduces the inflammation along the nasal passages.

On the other hand, for chronic sinusitis one must take oral steroids such as prednisone. But when medicine fails then the surgery becomes the only cure for chronic sinusitis. During the surgery the opening of the nose is enlarged. The surgeon corrects any anatomic defects which becomes the reason for the obstruction. In the case of children the surgeon often removes the adenoids- which are the tissues at the back of the throat. A CT scan of the sinus can also solve the problem of curing to a great extent. If the sinus consists of a tumor than a MRI scan is needed. So sinus infections are curable if proper medical-help and self-care is taken.

What is sinus tarsi?

Saturday 27 September 2008 @ 3:37 am

Sinus tarsi is a small osseous canal which runs under the talus bone and to the ankle. Poor foot biomechanics or over pronation can cause injury to the sinus tarsi. However majority of people suffer from some sinus tarsi problems due to sprain or inversion of ankles. The sinus tarsi has tissues which are lot of synovial fluid and they become inflamed.

What is sinus tarsi syndrome. This condition of inflammation of sinus tarsi due to any hurt or prolonged used of legs in wrong positions is called sinus tarsi syndrome. It may occur due to some inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis or gout. At the first instance the word ‘sinus’ deviates our attention and we think its related to sinus or infections on sinus. But this is not so. Sinus tarsi is drastically a different term with a complete different meaning.

You might have seen people complaining of pain and inflammation near ankle or talus bone. This is due to sinus tarsi syndrome in which the sinus tarsi or osseous canal which under the talus bone runs into your ankle is hurt and it leads to inflammation and pain in the ankle region. And in such condition some nerves in your body navigate to other place by means of excess swelling of the tunnel.

People suffering from sinus tarsi syndrome experience localized pain in the ankle area, tenderness outside ankle, difficulty in running, some kind of passive inversion in the joint and pain on putting weight on one feet even body weight for more than one minute.

The first and foremost treatment is rest that would deal with painful activities. You can apply ice or cold water treatments to reduce inflammation and pain. You can take prescribe NSAIDS like ibuprofen. Mobilization of your subtalar part is also a good treatment option. Above all the best treatment is strengthening exercises for your ankles like proprioceptive exercises.

Home treatment of sinus infection

Tuesday 23 September 2008 @ 6:25 am

Home remedies are always useful whether it is sinus, migraine or any other disease. Sinus is also curable to a certain extent by the use of home remedies. The most important sinus home remedy is the apple cider vinegar. You can mix 1-2 tea spoons full of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and swallow the mixture in one go. Within an hour you will feel its effect and it will sooth the breathing process. If you are unable to drink the apple cider vinegar then you can also inhale it directly from the bottle.

The most important thing which matter in sinus is the mucus. You should use every possible way to drain out excessive mucus from the nasal passage. Stiffness in the nasal passage should be decreased by the use of steaming. The inhalation of the steam can prove to be an effective tool. Steam should be taken by putting a towel on your head so that it will give its full effect. Apart from steam there are some herbs present at home which can be helpful in the infection. The most important is the ginger which is used for its anti-bacterial properties. Like ginger some aromatic oils can also be used such as eucalyptus oil. Its aroma can cure the inflammation in the nasal passage. So there are many home remedies available for the sinus infections.

How to get rid of sinus pain

Tuesday 23 September 2008 @ 6:24 am

Sinusitis is cause by the inflammation in the mucus linings of the nasal passage. Due to it the body starts making extra mucus to keep out bacteria and to update the immune system. This extra mucus should be drained properly to decongest the congestion in the passage. First of all you should try to make your nose clean as much as possible. Nasal sprays should be used in order to decongest the nasal passage and any obstruction in it. Heat also effects in relieving you from the pain so you should take steam regularly. Moist and warm air will affect your forehead and gives a soothing effect. A warm and moist towel is also an effective tool. You can wrap the towel around your forehead and face so that the heat will give its soothing effect. Dryness also aggravates sinuses and you should avoid it. Make an ample use of the saline nasal sprays to make your nose wet.

On the other hand, avoid the foods which aggravate sinuses. Stop drinking milk and quit eating all the dairy products. These types of food helps in the formation of the mucus and excessive mucus will result in discomfort. Last but not the least, please keep away from any allergens if your body is prone to allergies. Sinus pain are not very comfortable but while keeping some precautions and treatments in your mind you can overcome them easily and effectively.

Symptoms of sinus infection

Monday 22 September 2008 @ 4:33 am

The main symptoms of sinusitis are runny and stuffy nose with a pain on the face and forehead. There might be some greenish and yellowish discharge from your nose but it is very rare. Facial pain increases when you leans your head to one side or the other. By maxillary sinus infection the pain occurs in cheeks and the upper teeth. In frontal sinus infection the pain occurs in the forehead and above the eyebrow. In sphenoid sinus infection the pain occurs inside the eyes sockets and on top of the head. These are the common symptoms of the major sinusitis infections.

You can suffer from various symptoms at the same time in the case of sinus infections. For instance there may be some tenderness in the sinus areas and cough can become itchy sometimes. Sore throat can also become irritating and painful. In some cases of sinusitis it has been that the patient becomes sensitive to the light rays and has some difficulty in opening the eyes in sun rays too. Swollen eyelids can also become a severe problem with pain in the eyelids making it more problematic. As a conclusion the whole body feels the general fatigue and you will feel the effect on your senses. But you should check the cough daily and any nasal congestion in particular.

Symptoms of bacterial sinusitis

Monday 22 September 2008 @ 4:32 am

Sinusitis which is caused by the infection of bacteria is known as bacterial sinusitis. The signs and symptoms of this disease start with nasal congestion in which discharge comes first and then it becomes typically thick with pus which is yellowish to yellow-green in colour. Tooth ache is also experienced which increases by bending over. It is important to note here that these symptoms may vary according to the type of sinuses involved. They may continue for period of ten days or more. If the condition doesn

Natural treatment for sinus problems

Saturday 20 September 2008 @ 11:01 am

Natural cures always come with an additional advantage that it does not have any side effects. Similarly, natural cures for sinusitis are very effective as their allopathic counterparts. The first and the foremost precaution is to keep you away from the dairy products as they become the main source of the mucus formation. For instance, ice cream, milk, cheese, etc. are all harmful for you if you have a sinusitis. By drinking plenty of liquids you can make your mucus more volatile. So drink as much liquid items as you can all the time. While suffering from sinusitis you should also take diet rich in antioxidants such as garlic, tomatoes, and spinaches.

While keeping in mind the proper diet for a sinusitis you should also take steam regularly. Steam is always useful to remove any obstruction from the nasal passage. Decongestion of the passage can be soothed by taking the steam on a regular basis. To keep your sinuses open you can also use the moist heat by keeping a moist and warm towel around your face. By keeping all these things in mind one can reduce the illness caused by sinuses. The vitamins and proteins supplements should be taken in ample amount so that body

Home Remedies For Sinus Infection

Saturday 20 September 2008 @ 11:00 am

Sinus is the most common infection in the world. Sinus is a type of cavity that got stuck in the bones of the nose. This infection also causes sinus attack. This infection leads to some serious headaches, breathing difficulties, fever and several other discomforts. The technical name of sinus infection is sinusitis. Though, there are number of antibiotics and surgeries available for this disease, but according to experts, homes remedies are best for sins infection.

One of the best home remedies of sinus infection is taking steam from a vaporizer or a container of hot water. This gives instant relief from the headache. Basically, steam decongestants the blockage and allow you to breathe properly. In order to get relief from sinus pain or inflaming of body parts, you can take help of the hot or cold compress. This is an absorbent pad that needs to be pressed on the problem areas. This also helps you get the instant relief from this disease.

Another home remedy for sinus infection is the fine paste of cinnamon and water or milk with ginger and basil oil mixed with cloves and applies on the forehead. This will provide the instant relief from the sinus problem. Additionally, it is also important for the patient of sinus infection drink as much liquids as possible. This includes ripe grape juice, warm tea, chicken soup, or any other hot drink to warm your body.

Inhaling of stem of eucalyptus oil is also a good home remedy for sinus infection. And the best treatment for this disease is to rest for couple of days and drink lots and lots of water.

Sinus infection and its cure

Saturday 20 September 2008 @ 10:59 am

Our immune system is the strongest firewall in our body. A better immune system can fight many diseases within an instant of a second and in some cases it takes days to recover from illness. But a sinus infection must be rid properly and speedily as soon as possible. Nowadays, zinc is becoming very effective in getting rid of sinus infections. You can put zinc tablets under your tongue and this treatment is very effective straight away. Vitamins, proteins, and minerals are always there to assist our immune system. So by drinking hot fluids full that is rich in proteins and vitamins can help in the formation of anti-bodies. Like zinc, steam is also an ever shining treatment for infections caused by sinuses. Steam taking reduces the viscosity of the mucus and it is drained easily if steam is taken properly. You must remember to always cover your head with a towel so that steam can give its full effect and no amount of heat should be lost.

Apart from steam, there are some decongestants available in the markets easily which can relieve the congestion in the nasal passage and reduces the pain and inflammation to a greater extent. By the reduction in swelling you will be able to sneeze easily and effectively. In natural treatment you can also smell eucalyptus oil and its fumes can give an instant relief.

What are the symptoms of chronic sinus infection?

Saturday 20 September 2008 @ 10:58 am

The classic symptoms of chronic sinus infection are congestion in the nasal areas with post nasal drip followed by a dull ache and pressure around the midface which occurs mainly between or deep into the eyes. Patients suffering from this infection also experience slight fever and chills, breathlessness, headache which usually occurs daily for weeks and is mostly worsen in the morning with dizziness.

When the main passageways of air in the lungs are inflamed they often produce a large amount of discolored mucus that comes up during cough. If it persists for more than three months it is referred to as chronic bronchitis. Patients who get chronic sinus infection tend to get it again and again. They can have a sore ear.

If it is left untreated for long then the condition may become worse to the point that he starts to cough up yellow stuff and bright to dark green stuff and which leads to wheezing during breathing. Sometimes blood starts coming from the throat. In these cases the patients may be misdiagnosed by the doctor as having allergies in which the patient may be advised to take an inhaler like for example albuterol when in fact they have a chronic sinus infection. Other symptoms of this disease include a post nasal discharge of yellow and green color which is very thick and a chronic cough which occurs again and again if the patient tries to clear his throat of mucus draining from sinuses instead of lungs.