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What Is Sinus Drainage?

Tuesday 31 March 2009 @ 9:08 am

Sinus infection in any of the paranasal sinuses can lead to condition called sinus drainage. What is sinus drainage? This is the draining of pus or mucus from the nasal sinuses due to bacterial infection. Sinus infection occurs when you have cold or is exposed to those elements or allergens which can cause infection in the sinus glands.

During sinus drainage you also experience mucus in your throat or bronchitis. Another condition that happens in sinus drainage is that sinuses which are air filled cavities in your eyes and nose area are also filled with mucus and watery pus. As a result you have great discomfort due to sinus drainage. If you ask a doctor what is sinus drainage he will properly explain you with diagrams or pictures of the paranasal sinuses and how the infection in them cause the dripping of mucus through nasal passage and cause lot of irritation.

This type of constant movement of mucus or pus from sinuses is called sinus drainage. As a result of infection and mucus in nasal passage you may experience some symptoms like headache specially in the temples, bad breathe, swelling of facial regions just above your cheekbones and below eyes. Some other familiar symptoms of nasal drainage is blocked nose, loss of sense of smell and watery eyes.

Again the process by which doctors clear away the nasal sinus infections is called nasal sinus drainage. In this process the doctors wash the nasal sinus areas with saline water or other antiseptics to clean the area blocked with mucus and pus and also sterile the sinus membranes. The surgeon would use instruments like canula or trochar to make small homes inside the nose to move to maxillary sinus and after that a syringe is use to draw out the pus and wash the area with saline water.

How Do I Get Rid Of A Sinus Infection: Therapies

Saturday 21 March 2009 @ 6:48 am

Is someone suffering from sinus infection in your family? Moreover, are you pondering over the question

What Is Coronary Sinus?

Tuesday 17 March 2009 @ 4:07 am

What is coronary sinus? This is something related to your heart. The coronary sinus is the collection of veins which are joined together and form a large vessel that collects the blood coming from the myocardium of your heart. The coronary sinus is present on both animal and human hearts.

Let us go more in detail on what is coronary sinus? The location of the coronary sinus is between the left ventricle and atrium on the posterior surface of your heart. You can watch images or diagrams of coronary sinus in the web. The sinus runs transversely in the groove between the ventricle and left atrium on the posterior of heart.

The opening of coronary sinus is called coronary sinus orifice and it is superior to the septal leaflet of tricuspid valve. The coronary sinus orifice is better known as ostium and its guarded by the Thebesian valve. The small, middle, great and oblique cardiac veins supply blood to the coronary sinus. The sinus also receives blood from the left marginal vein as well as left posterior ventricular vein.

This part of the heart is very important because it receives blood from heart itself which is deoxygenated. This is required for proper functioning of heart. Like every other organ the heart too requires blood to receive the ingredients for its sustenance. If any defect occurs in the coronary sinus the heart finds it difficult to carry the normal functioning of beating. When you do to cardiologists for your heart check up he or she examines every aspect of heart including the coronary sinus.

What Is Sinus Node?

Thursday 12 March 2009 @ 2:01 am

Sinus node is a group of some consequential cells that reside in the atrium of your heart. This atrium is the exact location in your heart where electrical impulses take place or begins. These cells perform different functions. Sinus node cells in the right side of the atrium work as pacemaker and at the same time these cells produce proper rhythm in the electrical impulse that causes your heart to pump blood at regular intervals.

The sinus node is one of the major elements which are required for proper functioning of heart. This is a system that controls the cardiac conduction system. The electrical impulses are generated in the sinus node and its also called sinoatrial node or a SA node. Sinus nodal dysfunction is also related to what is sinus node? For instance when we have problem in our sinuses, the proper term for it is sinusitis. But we say, ‘I have sinus’ which indicates that you are suffering from the ailment. So when doctors find nodal dysfunction they say, ”the patient has sinus node” which means the cells are not functioning well to maintain the rhythm of heart.

The electrical signal generated by the sinus node are passed from one cell to another cell and then it reaches to atrioventricular node (AV node). This sinus node is also called the primary pacemaker of your heart. A little problem in the sinus node would lead to some problems like sick sinus syndrome, sinus arryhthmia, or bradycardia. These are very complicated terms and such disease is very rare. Its found in a ratio of 3/5000.

Sore Throat Cure

Saturday 7 March 2009 @ 4:50 am

Sore throat can be bacterial or viral infection and in most cases its caused due to viral attack like flu, mononucleosis or cold. The viral attacks are not so serious and your throat retains normal condition once you get rid of cold or flu attack. Serious throat infection is usually caused due to bacterial infections like hemophilus or strep or others. You can take OTC drugs or prescribed medications as sore throat cure if they don’t go away in one or two days normally.

The viral throat infection normally goes away in four or fives days. But bacterial infection remains longer. Whatever may be the cause of your infection you can apply sore throat cure in your home without any prescribe drugs. In case of bacterial infections doctors would prescribe antibiotics. Take care that you compete the course of antibiotic completely otherwise the bacterial form resistant strains in the body to defy the antibiotic attack. Hence its better to apply natural sore throat cure.

Combine one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, three teaspoons of clover honey, one tbsp of cayenne pepper in a warm glass of water and gargle with the mixture. This is a very effective sore throat cure.

Drink tea made of dried chamomile blossoms (1-2 tbsp) in boiling water and drink it two or three times a day to cure your soar throat.

You can also make ginger tea simply boiling tea leaves and ginger pieces in one and half cup of water. You can sip this tea two times a day as a sore throat cure.

Grind one tablespoon of mustard seed and mix it with a one cup of lemon juice, a pinch of salt, one table spoon clear honey, one full cup of boiling water. Leave the mixture for some time and gargle with it.

How Can I Get Rid Of A Sinus Infection: Various Options

Thursday 5 March 2009 @ 2:32 am

Sinus infection is a frustrating disease that causes a lot of trouble to the patient. That is why people who are a victim of it often think of

Try Herbal Cure For Sinus Infection

Monday 2 March 2009 @ 2:40 am

Herbal treatments have been in existence since time immemorial. Our grandmothers used to use this treatment to cure many of the small infections. And one of them is sinus infection. Even in this modern era, it is believed that herbal cure for sinus is a sure shot treatment for this disease, which becomes burdensome if not treated at the right time.

Some of the things used in the herbal cure for sinus are: inhaling of oil of eucalyptus herbs, using Licorice herb, peppermint and use of ginger. Now, if you have tried out the antibiotics and other medications to cure the diseased person of sinus then try out these herbal remedies at home and surely you will get rid of the problem.

You can take eucalyptus oil and inhale it, as it has certain antiseptic properties. You can also take eucalyptus tea, which is also very influential in curing sinus. Another herb named Licorice acts as a stimulant to provide strength to the immune system of the body. But mind it that this should not be used with the aim of curing ulcers.

Herbal cure for sinus also makes use of the ginger- you must have heard of it! It has specific anti-inflammatory properties that can cure the pain in sinus. People also use lemon balm for sinus treatment. It can be taken in various different forms as per your convenience.

So, next time, anyone in your family comes under the infection of sinus, try these herbal cure for sinus and see if these work miracles for you as well!