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Sinus Infection Vs Allergies: What Is The Difference Between Them?

Monday 29 June 2009 @ 2:14 am

In the language of medical science the term 'sinus infection Vs allergies' is very minimal because both are considered the two sides of a coin. But still they provide some differences based on definition and on broader understanding. Here are the difference between Sinus infection and Allergy.

Sinus infection : This may result from cold, bacterial infection, response to an allergen stimulus or other reasons. In this case infection occurs in any of the paranasal sinuses present in the facial region and cause congestion in the sinuses, block nasal passage, pain ins the facial region, too much sneezing, headache and others symptoms.

Allergies: If allergy is to be defined related to nasal area then it means too much sneezing and itching in the nasal passage or more deep in the nose accompanies by irritation in the eyes. In this condition there is thin mucus dripping from sinuses.

Let us find more on sinus infection Vs allergies. In broader understanding allergies refer to a reaction or response of the boy with symptoms like rashes or itching on the skin caused by various factors. Allergies can be caused due to pollens, food, alcohol, smoke, dust, medicine or drugs. Sometimes allergies can cause blisters on your skin and may need immediate medical attention.

In the term sinus infection Vs allergies its said that sinus and allergy are the two sides of a coin because sinus infection is a kind of allergic reaction caused due to pollens, dust, smoke or other elements which results in gradual bacterial infection in the sinuses.

Home Remedies For Sinus Problems: Better Than Antibiotics

Friday 26 June 2009 @ 1:25 am

Sinus could be the worst nightmare for several people. There are several causes of this problem like dust, frequent change in weather, and many more. To treat sinus completely, there are several antibiotics available in the market that ensure the instant relief. But these antibiotics have some side effects as well. So, in order to avoid these side effects, you can take help of the various home remedies for sinus problems.

First and the basic home remedy for sinus is the apple cider vinegar. All you need is to mix 1-2 table spoons of cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink the mixture at once. Repeat it for 3 to 4 times a day and continue it for at least a week. This will help you to recover from the sinus and also protects you from this disease in future. But it is important that if you do not see any improvement in sinus in 2 days, stop taking it as it is not suitable for you.

Another way to cure sinus through home remedies is to inhale apple cider vinegar. It opens the sinus passages immediately. However, the over inhaling of it can damage the mucus membrane.

One of the best home remedies for sinus problems is steam. It is an excellent natural cure and gives relief from sinus congestion and sinus pressure. You can take steam for three to four times a day to get instant results.

There are several other home remedies for sinus problems like drinking lots of water, thave proper rest and warm drinks like soups.

What Is Endoscope Sinus Surgery?

Monday 22 June 2009 @ 4:58 am

Endoscope sinus surgery is also known as endoscopy or sinoscopy. It is a treatment that is used to treat the blockages caused by sinus. The blockages causes sinusitis to swell and they becomes clogged, which causes pain and problems in breathing. During the surgery an endoscope is inserted into the nose which is a thin lighted instrument. The endoscope beams light on the inner passages of the nose while the doctor looks through the eye-piece. It helps the doctor to look at the cause of the blockages. With the help of the endoscope surgical instruments can be used simultaneously to remove the blockages which results in the improvement of breathing. The surgery is not done by any cutting of the nose as it was done previously. Most of the people are able to return home on the same day of the surgery.

Endoscopic surgery allows the drainage of the mucus from the nose. The sense of smell and taste is also improved with the relief in facial pain. So, Endoscopic surgery proves to be an effective surgery and almost 90% of the people becomes satisfied after they go through it. The whole process is based on fibre optics technology and with the improvement in science it makes the life easier for a sinus patient. It has evolved to a great extent in the last few decades and its major advantage is that the patient is discharged soon after the surgery is done.

What Is The Difference Between Cold And Sinus Symptoms?

Friday 19 June 2009 @ 1:55 am

There is a large difference between the common cold and sinus infection but still some people get confused because they all cause a runny nose, congestion and a cough and it becomes difficult to diagnose. In general, the symptoms associated with cold are much milder which includes high fever, body pain, and fatigue. And although sinus infection symptoms can be very similar to cold symptoms, they often long for more than seven to ten days. Many people think that a green or yellow runny nose is a symptom of sinusitis. Well that is common misconception among people and it is a symptom of common cold and not of sinus. What matters in sinus infection is that how long the sickness lasts and not the color of the nasal drainage.

However it is true that sinus may feel like cold because of some symptoms like persistent cough, presence of thick mucus for more than a week followed by fever, tenderness and pain over the affected sinuses, feeling of pressure in the sinuses which might get worsen on bending and drainage from the nose which often changes from clear to thicker yellowish green color. In healthy adults and elder children symptoms of cold longs for a week whereas in infants it lasts longer and in some cases it even proves fatal. It is noteworthy that sometimes it seems like that a child has cold for months but actually it is not cold but a succession of different cold viruses.

Symptoms of Sinusitis

Wednesday 17 June 2009 @ 4:17 am

The symptoms of sinus vary accordingly from person to person. Its symptoms may seem same as the common cold but there are some different criteria to judge them. The first and the foremost symptom is that the patient suffers from persistent colds which become incurable. Beside cold the fever also occurs which also varies up and down constantly. The mucus rise in the nasal passage and it becomes more problematic at the night making the sleep a difficult process. Due to nasal congestion your breath can also become full of bad odour. Because of the mucus formation the underlying passage of the face becomes swollen.

But the main symptom of the sinus infection is the feeling of the pain on your face and forehead. The pain can be felt often around the eye and the nose area. It becomes a swollen area and whenever you touch it you will feel it as a hardened and fluffy plate. With the increasing pain you will also feel fatigue and weakness due to fever. Fever will make you energy less and your body will be drained of all the energy. Lethargy and fatigue always come simultaneously in case of sinusitis and both of them are difficult for the body to handle. So all these symptoms become the warning point and one should take them as a severe warning before it gets too late.

Methods To Get Rid Of Sinus Infection

Monday 15 June 2009 @ 2:57 am

Commonly sinus infections are of two types and both of them are almost painful and irritating. The two types of sinus infections are: acute sinus infection and chronic sinus infection. The condition in which there is difficulty in draining of the mucus is known as acute sinusitis. In majority of cases, an acute sinusitis can be cured with the medical therapies. In a minimum number of cases it has been seen that the symptoms recur. But the saline nasal sprays and taking steam regularly can decrease the complications happily. A moist air vaporizer also given an ever lasting effect and can reduce the inflammation of the nasal passages effectively.

On the other hand, chronic sinusitis treatment can take a long time to cure. Antibiotics treatment can take 4-5 weeks for its full course. Oral decongestants are also prescribed by the doctors in many cases. If you are suffering from severe pain then you can ask your doctor to give you some analgesics. If the nasal obstruction persists for more than 10 weeks then you have to undergo a small surgery after that the mucus linings regain the growths on their own easily. So, sinus infections should be treated after examining them critically. A doctor should be taken into account as soon as you come to know about the illness. Sinusitis is not a dangerous disease unless you ignore the warnings given by your body.

Various Ways Of Getting Rid Of Sinusitis

Friday 12 June 2009 @ 1:49 am

A sinus infection can be uncomfortable and painful. Antibiotic not always works as a long time solution for sinus. The most effective cure is to drink plenty of liquids such as water because it helps to thin the mucus formed in our nasal passage. Some of the doctors believe that the dairy products help in the formation of mucus in our body, so we should keep away from them. Steam taken from boiling water regularly also helps to loosen the mucus in our nasal passage. Sipping of hot liquids too increases the immunization of our body and it eliminates the excess mucus. Nowadays, both kind of smoking -active and passive- could result in the formation of mucus. So, a person suffering from sinusitis should completely quit smoking in order to get rid of mucus.

A warm water salt solution can also help to get rid of mucous as it loosens it effectively. The use regular use of steam can also prove to be a good solution. An over-the-counter decongestant also helps in making the nose free of mucous. Apple cider vinegar can also be used before every meal and it proves to be an effective solution for many mucous related problems. Herbal medicines also cure sinus infections and are safer than antibiotics as it do not cause any side effects. So, sinus congestion must be rid immediately and effectively.

Various Ways Of Getting Rid Of Stuffy Nose

Wednesday 10 June 2009 @ 1:44 am

The best way to get rid of a stuffy nose is to quit smoking as soon as possible. The lining of the sinuses is damaged by cigarette smoking and one should avoid tobacco totally. It also helps in reducing the inflammation on the inner lining of the nose. Apart from quitting the habit of smoking there are some other ways available too. An over counter decongestant (OTC) can be combined with an anti-inflammatory drug to reduce the stiffness in the nose. Decongestants also help in the reduction of the inflammation from the nose. Apart from decongestants, humidifiers can also prove to be a good option in winters. When all the humidity goes away and colder air refreshes the atmosphere-then you will notice some changes in your sinuses. You will fill that your nose is cleaning up and all the stiffness is going away rapidly.

Taking steam is a time consuming process and you have to sit constantly and attentively while taking it. But you can use the nasal sprays at once and can feel relaxed for many hours. They are the easiest and best way to get rid of all the mucus hanging in the nasal passage. All of these are homely precautions and prescriptions. Medical treatment is also possible in which the doctors operate the patient and cleans the nasal passage. So there are many ways and it depends on you that which way you bend.

Cure For Sinus Headache

Friday 5 June 2009 @ 1:30 am

Sinus headaches can cause a dull and severe pain in the front portion of your forehead and face. They are mainly caused by the inflammation in the nasal passage. The inflammation builds up behind the cheeks, eyes, and nose. They are often severe when you awake in the morning but they get better as the day progresses and almost none in the afternoon. But sinus headaches are curable too a large extent. The doctor must take a detailed history of the patient in order to know the severity of the illness. Sinus headaches must be distinguished from other types of headaches such as migraines and headaches caused by tensions. In some cases a CT scan or MRI becomes the best option available.

After the confirmation of the sinus headache you should try to reduce the underlying inflammation. It can be treated by some antibiotics but they must be avoided if possible. The use of a humidifier can reduce the congestion in the nasal passage effectively. A nasal spray containing saline is also an effective remedy for these types of headaches. There are also some exercises for the neck and face which can prove as effective as medicines are. Last but not the least, taking steam three to four times a day is as useful as sprays are. Steams relieves the procedure of breathing easily and can result in a speedy recovery.

Sinusitis And Its Cure

Tuesday 2 June 2009 @ 4:41 am

Sinusitis refers an inflammation of the sinuses which occurs with a bacterial, fungal, and viral infection. Spaces filled with air in the skull are known as sinuses and they are lined with mucus membranes. You need to undergo some tests in order to make sure that you are suffering from a sinus infection. A doctor often taps the area where there is sinus infection. In some cases a CT scan also proves to be effective in the diagnosis of sinusitis. If you want to reduce the congestion in your nasal passage then you must take some measures and a balanced diet of vitamins and proteins.

By applying a warm and moist clothe on your face you can help in reducing the inflammation. Plenty of water should be taken in order to make the mucus more volatile. Mucus should be drained every time when it comes and you should sneeze hard. Apart from water, steam also becomes an effective tool in order to soften the mucus so that it must drain easily. Steam must be taken many times a day so that it should to give an everlasting effect. Nowadays, nasal sprays are also used by many peoples to decongest the nasal passage. But their overdose should be restricted because they might prove harmful if your body is allergic to them. Last but not the least, surgery is the last option and in almost all the cases it proves to be an effective option.