Acute Sinusitis

Sinuses are the hollow cavities that are filled with air around nose and nasal passages. When these passages become inflamed, it results in the accumulation and interferes with the drainage of mucus. This condition is known as acute sinusitis. The main cause of this disease is viral such as common cold virus but in some cases it can also be fungal or bacterial. There are also non-infectious causes which include allergies, deviated nasal septum and nasal polyps.

The symptoms of this disease includes facial pain, fever, swelling around eyes, nasal congestion, difficulty in breathing, erythema, reduced sense of smell or taste, dental pain, cough, bad breath which is also known as halitosis, fatigue, nausea, sore throat etc. If somebody has symptoms of acute sinusitis then it is advised to drink plenty of fluids. Moreover inhalation of steam and hot fomentation are also useful in providing acute sinusitis relief.

If the symptoms persists for long which includes high fever, pain and swelling on face, severe headache and stiff neck then one should immediately consult doctor because if it is left untreated then it may result in acute asthma, meningitis in which the infection spreads to the lining of the brain, vision problems and blood clots which causes problems in the veins surrounding the sinuses. To prevent acute sinusitis one should avoid contact with people who have colds. The blockages that are associated with sinusitis can lead to worse conditions if exposed to smoke or air pollution causing inflammation and irritation.

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