Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis is a complex condition of sinusitis. There are many underlying factors to chronic sinusitis which includes structural obstruction, fungal infections, nasal polyposis, etc. The main symptoms of this disease include paranasal sinus pressure and pain with nasal drainage, nasal blockage, and nasal congestion. Particles and mucous which is present in the nose and sinuses become static as because of its inability to clear itself from the nose.

The most common symptoms of this disease are pain and pressure in face and paranasal sinus. Other factors are postnasal drainage that is often thick. Obstruction in nasal airway, fatigue, lethargy, cough, dental discomfort, and ear pain all are related to chronic sinusitis. Moreover a severe headache without any nasal symptoms is not supposed to be a hallmark of this disease.

The main goal of the treatment of chronic is to improve the symptoms that adversely affect the life of those individuals who suffer from this disease. Allergies and its consequences are improved by treating sinusitis. Nasal breathing is also improved. The complicated problems of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can be improved by following a good sinusitis treatment. Infections such as bronchitis which mainly occur in lower respiratory tract can be minimized or prevented. The various forms of chronic laryngitis and chronic laryngitis with laryngospasm can be significantly improved or alleviated by the successful treatment of sinuses alone. Migraines are very much affected by recurrent chronic sinusitis and again it can be improved by the treatment of sinusitis disease.

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