Common Signs of Sinus Infection

Sinus infections are very painful. If you get infected with this complication you will not be able to carry out your daily activities normally. There are many of signs of sinus infection. Some of them can be mild while others are severe. Sinus infection can lead to sore throat. This is due to post-natal drip. This is a condition that becomes severe when you lie flat at night.

Another sign of sinus infection is the mucous accumulation in the throat. This leads to coughing, irritation and redness. This infection is very severe at night. It may make patients have sleepless nights. Sinus infection starts as a common cold. Once you are infected, you will feel achy and tired. These are signs of sinus infection. It will not only cause nasal pain but will come with a severe headache and sore throat.

Sinus infection is accompanied by very unpleasant symptoms. One of the signs of sinus infection that is not pleasant is the allergic rhinitis symptoms. You will experience itchy and runny nose. Sneezing and itching ears are a clear show that you have sinus infection. It is good to bear in mind that there is the seasonal allergic rhinitis that is caused by pollen in the air. It may have similar symptoms.

Severe headaches are signs of sinus infection. When you are infected, you will have mild or severe headaches. Other signs include swelling on the bones of bones near the nose and eyes. This is what propels headaches and breathing problems. You will experience discomforts that will see you undergo pains due to pressure on the walls of the sinus. Patients are also likely to suffer from swollen eyelids, ear and neck jaw, stuffed nose, loss of sense of smell, and fatigue. When you experience these signs you should act very fast to curb the situation from worsening.

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