Home Remedies for Sinus Infections

When sinus develops up to the stage of being an infection, the inflammation on the sinus cavities and nasal passages could have reached a debilitating stage. Many people do not realize that they have sinus infections because the symptoms are similar to those of a flu or a common cold. But, if you are lucky to realize that you are suffering from a sinus infection then the following home remedies for sinus will be helpful to you.

First on the home remedies for sinus for is a nasal irrigation. This is done by one dissolving a small amount of salt into warm water. Using a syringe, draw some of the solution and place the syringe on the nasal passage. As you breathe, squeeze the syringe gently to get the salt water move up the passage. This will help you reduce the swelling and clear the mucus.

Acupressure. Acupressure requires one massage and pressing gently round the nose and specifically on the area that the nose flares outwards. Also pay special attention on the area that is below the eyes. If you massage it with the correct amount of pressure then it will help drainage and relive of pain.

The third home remedy for sinus infections is use of horseradish. Often, the accumulation of mucus contributes to the pain and swelling that sinus infections cause. Get a spoonful of horseradish and mix it with a spoonful of lemon juice and half a spoonful of olive oil then drink it. This will reduce the mucus accumulation hence unblocking the drainage. This solution can also be taken whole or mixed with potatoes or rice.

Another home remedy for sinus infections is use of extracts of grape seeds. These extracts usually contain antioxidant properties that can be used to reduce inflammation caused by sinus. To speed up the process, the seed extracts should be taken at least 3 times in a day.

Proper diet especially during such infections can also be used to treat sinus infections. Usually, such diet will include foods that you may not want to take but if you want to treat the infections then you will have to take. During sinus infections, it is important to avoid foods that may trigger mucus production or those that may inhibit drainage. Some of these foods may include high sugar foods, milk, alcohol and ice cream. Sometimes if sinus infections are not treated to may lead to brain infections among other chronic problems.

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