How To Avoid Sinus Infections

Sinusitis is one of the commonest infections affecting a large number of people. It is caused because of an inflammation of the cavities in the bones near the nose. This prevents the passage of mucus and dry air from the nasal membrane. A sinus infection can cause tremendous pain. But there are ways of avoiding sinus infections.

Preventing the body from getting dehydrated is perhaps one of the best defense against sinus infections. This can be achieved by drinking a lot of warm fluids like tea, soups etc. However, drinks with caffeine like coffee should be avoided. The use of air conditioners should be avoided as they dry the atmospheric air and increase the infection.

The mucus circulation can be eased by placing a moist, warm piece of cloth on the forehead for around five minutes, twice a day. This improves the movement of cilia. Another way of avoiding a sinus infection is the use of a water and salt solution. The proper way of using this solution is to sniff and exhale it through the nose. This helps in evacuation of the mucus from the cavities.

Many a times sinusitis is caused due to cold. Thus preventing cold is a sure shot way of avoiding sinus infection. For this, giving proper rest to the body is crucial.

Nasal irrigation is also effective in cleaning the cavities. Nasal irrigation kits and Hydro Pulse Nasal devices are easily available in the market for this purpose. These devices are very user-friendly. Taking good care of personal hygiene is important for preventing the bacteria from breeding.

In a nutshell, it can be said that knowing the cause of infection and preventing it is the best way of avoiding sinus infections.

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