Maxillary sinus disease

Antrum Highmore or Maxillary sinus is one of the largest paranasal sinuses. The shape of this type of sinus is like a pyramid. It contains three recesses: a zygomatic pointed recess laterally which is surrounded by the bone containing zygomat; an alveolar pointed recess which is surrounded by alveolar process; and infraorbital pointed recess which is surrounded by the inferior orbital space of the maxilla. These types of sinuses are placed under the eyes joining the cheekbones. In this type of sinus the mucus drainage process is totally different. The mucus must move upward through the nasal cavity and only then it can be relieved. This type of drainage process makes this sinus more infectious and irritable. It can result in the pain in the upper jaw and the tooth.

The maxillary sinuses are one of the largest of air sinuses. Their roof is formed by the foundation of the eye socket. This disease can also occur due to lack of oral hygiene. You should take care of your teeth and there should not be any bacteria and germs present in your mouth. The pain in jaw can lead to the cheeks and it can become irresistible. Some doctors also prescribe saline water in order to drain the mucus because mucus becomes the main reason in the swelling of the facial muscles. Care should be taken properly otherwise symptoms might become more and more severe.

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