Preventing Sinus Infections At The Workplace

Sinus infections can be dangerous occurrences at the workplace. These infections spread fast and the effects can be devastating to a company’s operations. In addition to the agony and pain that the individuals who contract the disease face many workers who get the disease are rendered useless and can no longer do any substantial work until the symptoms subside and they are no longer ill. Of course the company is liable for any infections that their employees contract when they are working and the costs that the company will incur are subsequently great. The only thing left to do is to take on preventive measures that will salvage the company from unnecessary expenditure and losses. These preventive measures do not guarantee anything and a sinus infection attack could still occur but these measures reduce the probability of a widespread infection that affects a large portion of the organization. It is important to note that the infection will not only affect the low level employees but will affect anyone include clients and the senior management of the organization.

The first thing that the organization can do is to have a certain amount of decongestants in their stores to offer employees who may show slight symptoms of sinusitis when in the office. It is also good to come with an appropriate health policy plan that caters for the employees who may fall sick. Upholding hygiene standards could also contribute a lot. This should apply especially to the carpets, fabric chairs and furniture present in the workplace. Also there shouldn’t be dusty surfaces around the office. Invest in water dispenser to ensure that employees are hydrated properly to get rid of bacteria that hosts itself in the human body. Last but not least encourage washing of hands.

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