Sinus cure

Sinus infection is caused by the inflammation of the nasal passages and nasal sinuses. Mucus becomes the main problem in the obstruction in breathing and it should be drained properly. Potassium supplements can be taken to make the mucus dry and volatile. Apple cider vinegar is also an effective remedy. You can dilute it in a glass of water and can drink it four to five times in a day. Apple cider vinegar also helps in making the mucus dilute and volatile. Warm compresses on the face and over the head are also very pain relieving. You can apply it for three to four times a day. A towel dipped in cold water also gives an immense relief on the forehead. It can be applied again and again for better relief. The Chinese herbal like Magnolia Flower also helps in widening the nasal way. Mucus is also drained by the use of this herbal medicine. Oral decongestants and nasal drops are also prescribed by a physician.

Saline water also clears the nasal passage from the mucus and the congestion is decongested. You can also use humidifiers to moist the air. It is often helpful in the months of winter when the air is dry. Inhalation of steam also relieves you from the congestion in the nasal passages. Your doctor can also prescribe you some antibiotics which are effective in most cases. So, sinus problems can be cured easily if they are treated with care and precaution.

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