Sinus natural remedies

Sinusitis is caused due to bacterial infection in the sinuses. Regular medications no doubt can give you relief from such infections without any doubt but sinus natural remedies are considered better than conventional medicines due to various benefits associated with them. The natural remedies are natural, they pose no side effects and they are more effective in treating the ailment than OTC or prescribed medications.

If you search the web you will find thousands of natural cures for sinusitis and other common diseases which we suffer from. Here are few effective sinus natural remedies which you can try in your home if you are suffering from acute or chronic sinusitis.

Try to use onion and garlic in your food and if possible take them raw at other times. Their medicinal properties help to combat sinusitis problems. Fresh cloves of garlic can be smashed and mixed in a glass of water to consume it empty stomach daily. Inhale the aroma of fresh cut onion. These are efficacious methods to get rid of sinus infection.

Hot and cold water treatment in which you can take a pan of hot water and wash your face with bearable hot water immediately followed by cold water. This treatment will automatically improve the immune system of your body to resist sinus infection.

Some other sinus natural remedies include treatment with fruits and vegetables. They improve immune system of body. You can also try nasal irrigation or nasal toilet in which you pour a mixture of sea salt and lukewarm water in one of your nostril and bring out the mixture through another nostril. This gives relief from nasal congestion and also kills the bacteria infested in the sinuses or other adjoining regions.

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