Sinus pain treatment

sinus pain treatment1 Sinus pain treatmentSome common symptoms of sinusitis are pain, inflammation, irritation, headache and sneezing. Of these the pain is one which one wants to get rid of immediately due to the suffering it causes. So what is the best sinus pain treatment? Doctors after diagnosis prescribe some analgesics or painkillers like aspirin or nasal sprays to reduce the pain immediately. The medications relieve the pain immediately. But what if they come back again. You cannot afford to take painkillers every time because pain killers are not so good for your health. In case of severe pain you can try to take one or two tablets or other medications prescribed by your doctor but if you think the pain is bearable you can try some effective holistic sinus pain treatments. Since pain is caused due to congestion and accumulation of debris in the nasal passage or sinuses. Here are few sinus pain treatments which you can try in your home and they would remove your pain completely without any side effect.

– Try to inhale gently lot of air deep and exhale the air out little slowly and with some force. This practice would remove any sort of congestion which cause pressure and pain.

– Another sinus pain treatment include use of essential oils like Eucalyptus oil or lavender oil. Put one or two drops of sandalwood oil or lavender oil or eucalyptus oil into your nostrils. The oil would remove the congestion of your nose and also help in getting rid of inflammation along with pain.

– Put three or four drops of menthol, two drops of mint in hot water put in a bowl. Inhale the vapors coming out of it. This sinus pain treatment has many benefits besides relieving your pain.

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