Sinusitis as a serious disease

Sinus infection is a dangerous disease and its symptoms are viewable on the face and forehead. The mucosal linings are set inside the sinusitis cavities. The mucosal linings help our body in protecting it from dust and other bacteria by forming the mucus. By generating the mucus our body develops the defence mechanism in order to fight the anti bodies. Whenever there is extra attack on our body then it produces excess mucus to fight with germs. This formation of extra mucus results in the inflammation of the outer linings of the nasal passages. This whole process is known as the sinus infection.

Our body is a storehouse of many viruses and bacteria. There are many friendly bacteria in us like the streptococci and they do not have any negative effect on us. But whenever there is an attack on our body then it produces the mechanism to stand in front of the body

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