Treatment of sinus infection

Sinus infection can be both bacterial and viral. Generally they are bacterial infections which are caused when the air filled cavities or sinuses are clogged due to excessive mucus or water retention by any chance. Sometimes the sinus infections are also triggered by pollen allergens. Sinus infection is one of the common ailments which prevail around the world. Treatment of sinus infection includes both regular medications as well as natural remedies in home.

Let us first learn about home treatment of sinus infection. They are simple treatments which can be tried in home without any difficulty. Here are few simple techniques which can cure your sinusitis.

Drink plenty of juices and water. Also try to take hydrating beverages like hot tea and others. They help in drainage of sinus mucus.

Inhale two three times hot water vapors from a bowl containing hot water. This steam vaporizer is an effective treatment of sinus infection. You can add menthol or lemon juice in the bowl of hot water.

In case of headache and pain take proper rest in a semi dark room free from bright light. You can take herbal tea made of ginger. Apply hot and cold water treatment in your facial region to get rid of headache.

If the condition of your sinus is severe and you don’t’ get relief from such home treatments, seek medical help immediately. Doctors after diagnosis would prescribe you medications like analgesics, antibiotics if the infection is due to bacteria, decongestants and corticosteroids to treat the condition.

Sinus surgery is the last option of treatment of sinus infection. If medications, holistic methods or other exercises like Yoga fail to cure your sinus infections, doctor go for the required surgery based on their diagnosis.

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