What are the problems caused by allergic sinusitis?

There are many substances that are airborne and that we inhale through our mouth and nose. These substances irritate the sinuses resulting in the allergies. For example pollen which is a small particle released by a flowering plant, enters our body while we breathe through nose. As a defense mechanism dirt is being ambushed by the mucus that is present in sinuses so as to prevent it from infecting our lungs. However, the mucus cannot cope with the relentless onslaught.

Over time, these pollen allergens do not allow the mucus to drain properly, as a result of which it accumulates and becomes the healthiest ground for the breeding of viruses and bacteria resulting in nasal blocks and infections. Ragweed and pollen causes allergies. Hay fever is caused by ragweed and pollen but this is often ignored because of the similar symptoms including itchy and running nose. If it is left untreated it can create serious disorders. Other allergens which results in the inflammation of sinus are dirt, animal hair, food particles, pollution, cloth fibers, mold, dead insects, remains and wastes.

Allergic problems can happen at any time but most of these occur in the spring season, in late summers and in early fall seasons. During this season the air is mostly dry and free of moisture which is the right time for the air borne particles like pollen and ragweed to flow in the air. That

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