What Is Sick Sinus Syndrome?

What is sick sinus syndrome? If I answer it as type of of bradycardia in which the sinus node or sinoatrial in is not working as it should be then you may not be able to know what I am talking about. This is actually about a disease or disorder of heart related to its sinus nodes. So to know what is sick sinus syndrome or SSS we must first learn about sinus node.

Sinus node is the natural pacemaker of the heart and sick sinus syndrome is associated with problems originating from this very pacemaker. It leads to abnormal heart rhythms known as arrhythmias. If someone fears whether he or she has got sick sinus syndrome, then to be sure, one needs to know what is sick sinus syndrome all about and what are its symptoms. It makes the heart to beat at a slower or faster rate than normal and sometimes it can also be that there is an abnormally long pause between the two beats.

Though sick sinus syndrome (SSS) is not a specific disease, but there are some group of signs or symptoms which can indicate well that the sinus node is not functioning well. The patients who suffer from such ailment show fast heartbeats or alternate heartbeats which may be too fast or too slow. Sometimes there may be long pause between the heart beats. If you ask a doctor what is sick sinus syndrome and what causes it. You get exactly the above answer for what is SSS and for causes he may related them to heart or other external factors. Sometimes some medications prescribed also lead to the formation of sick sinus symdrome.

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