What Is Sinus Congestion?

What is sinus congestion? This is a condition when there is a nasal blockage or congestion of mucus or debris in the nostrils due to sinus infection. Infection occurs in any of the paranasal sinuses present in the facial region and cause congestion in the sinuses, block nasal passage, pain ins the facial region, too much sneezing, headache and others symptoms. Thus the congestion of nose due to mucus dripping from sinuses is known as what is sinus congestion.

Patients afflicted with sinus congestion are found to have an unusual feeling of fullness and a sense of unbearable pressure in areas surfacing in and around the nasal cavity. If you experience pain in the back of your eyes, over and above the cheekbone, or in and around areas of the eyebrow, you might well be experiencing a nagging problem of sinus congestion.

Sinus congestion is caused when one of the cavities is blocked resulting in the clogging of otherwise normal sinus secretions. A point to be noted about sinus congestion is that the pain is usually found to be one-sided and the nose is often and more times found to be runny or jammed. Besides, patients are found to exhibit false sensations of the nose to be dripping and is a recurring phenomenon. Colds and hay fevers are found to be the common accomplices in the infection.

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