What Is Sinus Pause?

What is sinus pause? The word 'sinus' is also related to heart and sinus pause is something related to heart. The sinus node is the natural pacemaker of your heart and since they are present in atrium they are also called Sinoartial or AV nodes.

To understand what is sinus pause we have to know about sick sinus. Sick sinus or sinus bradycardia happens to be one of the most fatal forms of sinus infections. Sinus bradycardia is what is defined as the state of abnormal increase in heart-beats resulting in convulsions and the likely consequence is the death of the patient.

Getting back to sick sinus its understood we find that during this condition the heartbeat gets disrupted. Some common symptoms of sick sinus are rapid heart beat, alternate heartbeat, too fast or too slow heartbeats, or there can be long pause between the heartbeats. This pause is popularly called sinus pause.

The sinus pause can be detected in ECG report only.

If you have sinus pause you will observe in the ECG report that the disappearance of P waves of seconds or to minutes. As a result of such pause and stop of hear beat the person feels dizziness and syncope. The causes of sinus pause can be all sorts of sick sinus syndromes

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