Facts about Sinus Infections

Wednesday 9 May 2012 @ 12:53 pm

This is a disease that affects many people and is a common infection that people will seek treatment from especially those who have chronic sinusitis. These infections are treatable but can be difficult to deal with if they are recurrent. Also ignoring the symptoms that signify the presence of sinusitis could be dangerous for the victim as complications could lead to death in the worst case scenario. Sinus infections are caused by various microorganisms since they are infections and they do not occur on their own. The microorganisms that cause sinusitis are viruses, fungi or bacteria. These sinus infections come to being when these microorganisms grow in the sinus and bring about a blockage in the sinuses.

It is debatable that sinus infections are contagious infections. Some will agree but some won’t. To a certain extent both are right. What most people will agree is that contamination is what makes the disease communicable. The bacteria that cause sinus infections can be transmitted through the humid atmosphere that is in the given room/area. A person with sinusitis will tend to have the microorganisms multiplying at an incredible rate such that they are sufficient to clog another person’s nasal passages.

There are various major symptoms that will affect people with sinusitis. These symptoms are sinus headache; where the victim experiences headaches with a constant aching at the affected sinuses, the headaches are also experienced in conjunction with facial pain or tenderness, the victims also experience fever; a lot of nasal stuffiness is experienced, severe sore throat and persistent coughing. Certain symptoms also show a certain type of sinusitis. Presence of facial pain coupled with pus secretions from nasal passages will prompt physicians to suspect bacterial infection as the causative agent of the disease. Antibiotics will be used to treat bacterial sinusitis.