Sinus Home Remedies

Tuesday 15 November 2011 @ 11:53 am

When you suffer with sinus infections, you’re probably an expert in finding sinus home remedies. However, if this is your first tango with this annoyingly persistent ailment, you’re going to want to arm yourself with a way to remedy the symptoms that you’ll no doubt begin to feel if you have a sinus infection.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have sinusitis instead of a cold or the flu. The easiest way to do this is by thinking long and hard on the symptoms that you are experiencing. While sinusitis can be extremely similar to these common ailments, it will also come along with headaches, fever, and in some cases mouth and jaw pains. These three things aren’t common in the flue and standard colds. If you have yellow or oddly colored discharge from your nose, this is a signal for an infection and you should try to treat it immediately.

It is common for people to use sinus home remedies, especially if they have had sinus infections before in the past and their doctor has done what many others will do, suggest over the counter medications. While yes, it is possible your physician will prescribe antibiotics; they typically try to steer clear of this option unless the infection is a severe one.

Use moist heat to break up the congestion in your chest along with over the counter medications to ease your pain. You can also use neti pots, nasal spray, hot compresses, and herbal remedies to aid you during your recovery. When you have a sinus infection, try your best to avoid dairy products and wheat as they can aid the production of mucus and make it more difficult to get rid of down the line.  Of course, the more common sense things you will want to do is to increase your fluid intake and get lots of rest.

Remedies Used for Sinus Infection Home Treatment

Tuesday 12 July 2011 @ 1:30 pm

Sinus infection is characterized by increased swelling of nasal openings. The symptoms more of less resembles those of a flu; making it hard for people suffering from it to realize. If for any reason you may have the infection, this article will base its information on the remedies you can use in order to achieve sinus infection home treatment.

  • When you have suspicion based on the sinus infection, you can use the nasal irrigation as a sinus infection home treatment whereby you take a quarter teaspoon of table salt and dilute it in a cup containing warm water. The solution obtained, drain it in an ear bulb syringe and place the end with the bulb gently on the nose. You can do some few thrusts while at the same time making few breathing momentums to facilitate the absorption of the solution into the nasal openings. This procedure when done as many times as possible can help in cleaning the blocked mucus away thus decreasing the inflammation.
  • You can use the ginger compress for sinus infection home treatment. Use the root got from the ginger plant by grating its content about a quarter of a cup into a container with boiling water. Do some simmering of the concoction for about 20 mins and then wait for the outcome. Take a facecloth and dip it in the container containing the solution till it has a moist effect and use it in covering your face to facilitate the drainage from your nasal openings.
  • A grape seed extract can be used for sinus infection home treatment where you can take about fifty mgs extracted grape seed 3 times a day which will help in reducing the inflammation. This is because grape seed extract contain a more powerful antioxidant capability which helps in reduction of the swelling found in the nasal openings.
  • Acupressure for sinus infection home treatment can be used in making sure that the swelling goes down by usage of pressing and massage momentums in the areas affected by the swelling especially the nose as well as the areas aligned at the down part of the cheek below the eyes. The momentums applied help in relieving pain and at the same time draining the nasal passages.
  • Proper diet as a remedy for sinus infection home treatment is whereby a limitation on beverages e.g. milk alcohol etc. which have adverse effects on mucus production should be avoided since sinus infection is brought about by mucus production.

Effective Home Remedies for Sinus Infection

Wednesday 15 June 2011 @ 12:54 pm

It is always better to prevent the occurrence of a disease than to cure it. It is possible to find home remedies for sinus infections that one can use to prevent as well as cure the disease. One very effective way of finding the right method is by experimenting with each of the possible remedies until the appropriate one is found. It is known that most of the sinus infections are caused by allergic reactions. Therefore, one of the way that one can ensure they do not trigger the occurrence of the disease is to take note of the foods that cause allergic reactions and stop using them. Furthermore, such individuals should try taking foods rich in antioxidant to improve the performance of an individual’s immune system.

Another preventive remedy is by the use of a nasal irrigation technique. Wit the help of a neti pot the individual can pass salty water trough their nasal passage to get rid of the dirt, bacteria and virus that are bound to accumulate inside the passage overtime. This process is usually performed by the immune system in the body but there are times when it may require one to take such home remedies for sinus infection prevention. This is to help the body get rid of these pathogens that may cause sinus infection.

Additionally, one can use air purifier for their homes. These are equipments that work by removing any harmful spores or pollen that may trigger an allergic reaction that will lead to a sinus infection. The filter has to be effective enough to get rid of even the smallest particle that has a chance to causing infection of the disease.

The tradition of chicken soup home remedies for sinus infection can still work at treating the disease. It may be that it worked due to the fact that it was recommend that one takes it while hot. It is known that taking hot beverage can help relieve the irritation that one gets on the throat. Furthermore, it has been know to help unclog blocked nasals. Another way of breaking down and removing the mucus is by inhaling steam vapour. This is one of the simplest forms of home remedies for sinus infection. In this case one is required to been over hot water where the stem should be directed to hit the face. Direct constant with the face is to enhance the break down of mucus and get rid of it. Garlic can also serve as an effective remedy for sinus infection.