What Is Paranasal Sinus Disease

Saturday 3 December 2011 @ 11:47 am

What is paranasal sinus disease? How do you live with it? What is affected by it? Well, paranasal sinus disease is the infection of your paranasal sinuses due to viral infections. It can affect other sinuses and can cause a great deal of different symptoms throughout your body. Typically, it can even begin to affect the sphenoid sinus, but, you’re probably asking “what is a sephenoid sinus?” and perhaps even asking “what is a carotid sinus”. With all of the different types of these organs hanging around in our bodies, it can be difficult to keep them straight.

The sephenoidal sinus is a cavity located behind the septum. They are rarely if ever symetrical and are just as subseptible to infection as any other sinus in your body. The cartoid sinus is located near your carotid artery and is used to help maintain bloodpressure.

What is sinus bradycardia? Well, that is quite simple to answer. It is a decreased heart rate which can also cause a decreased cardiac output. This is typically caused by the lack of oxygen which can be caused by sinus disease. Equally, what is sinus node and what does it do? Well, the sinoatrial node or sinus node, is essentially the pacemaker of the body. What is sinus pause or sinoatrial arrest? It is a medical condition wherein the sinoatrial node of the heart ceases to create electriacl impulses correctly. But, what is sinus rhythm as well? Well, it is a term used to describe the beating of the heart.

So, with all of these different sinuses throughout your body, its no wonder that sinusitis is one of the most common kind of ailments out there to date. Fortunately, even though they can be greatly dehabilitating, getting rid of paranasal sinus disease can be as simple as taking a homeopathic remedy or can be treated in chronic cases, with surgery.